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Love and Learn Your Hair Tour 2013
Of course this natural hair event featured the "beautiful" Taren Guy and believe me she is stunning. It was held at Hughes Hagar in Houston, Texas on October 12th. I had to pull some strings but I got the pleasure of meeting her and she is a doll! Although the weather was terrible in Houston that day, we had a blast. I definitely fellowshiped with other naturals and took tons of photos. Motions was also giving away free products at the event but I spent most of my time there chatting with these beautiful ladies.  Monique of "itsmeitsmo" on instagram & Mae May of Naturally Supreme These are some of my favorite girls. I actually did a photo shoot earlier in the year with Monique. This is Manon and she recently combed out her Locs and actually speaks French. 
The lovely Steph got a chance to be a Motions Hair Model and I actually went to college with her so it was great seeing people that I already kn…
The LOC Method Welcome to the World's Greatest Natural Hair Moisture Retaining Method Ever Known to Mankind......that's a mouth full, isn't it? Well I just had to hype it up so that you get the point. For once, it isn't about the products that you use, instead this method focusing on the order in which you use for products. Sequence will yield great results. Many people have different interpretations of the LOC Method and thats great because this method has the ability to cater to various hair types. Even though in most cases there has to be a negative, I have yet to find anything wrong with this method. So now, the question stands, what is the LOC Method? Its actually quite simple.....L stands for Liquid or Leave-in, O stands for Oil and C stands for creme. Due to the thickness and curl pattern of my hair, I choose to use a Leave-in and a liquid considering that my hair has been freshly washed once I start this method. I understand that people are visual learners like…